Looking to do a bit of shopping or pick up some groceries for use in your fully stocked Ferry Walk House kitchen? There are several options in the West Vancouver area, easily accessed from your vacation rental apartment.

Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre

Go west on highway towards Vancouver.  Take EXIT 4 Headland Drive / Caulfeild  5-minute drive. 

SAFEWAY.  LIQUOR STORE, BAKERY, BANK, DRUGSTORE, BUTCHER, etc. Safeway open 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM at weekends.  Thu/Fri. closes at 9:00 PM. Mon/Tue. Closes at 7:00 PM. 

Vet: (604) 922-2344

Groceries in Horseshoe Bay

Local store in mini-mall across the road from the motel.  Closes at 9:00 PM. Good for last minute items, but quite expensive!

Park Royal Shopping Centre

Over 300 shops and several restaurants in a unique combination of indoor and open-air shopping. A 15 minute drive or take the 257 or 250 bus.